IVOSTUD: Innovative – Versatile – Optimized

IVOSTUD creates connections

Growing demands of metallic material combinations of modern lightweight construction vehicles with increasing quality demands require task-oriented solutions.

With complete solutions in the field of stud welding, IVOSTUD offers the ideal conditions for full-surface and secure welded joints with high strength and minimized susceptibility to corrosion.
IVOSTUD hence is the leading partner of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers for automotive applications worldwide.

Always a stud length ahead

Our innovative power comes from our own development department and makes us the technology leader worldwide.

Our welding heads do not require a support foot and can be mounted directly on all surfaces, whether curved or flat, for welding. With the Speedport we developed, it is also possible to perform up to 60 welds per minute, uniquely worldwide. Our patented tube coupling for the stud feeder also allows a fast and very easy connection to the connected sorters and conveyors. Also new and patented is the world’s smallest welding head for stationary and automated use. In conjunction with a freely programmable rotary holder on the robot, this creates a highly flexible unit for the smallest installation spaces and hard-to-reach areas on the vehicle.


Versatility is what sets us apart

With stud welding solutions from IVOSTUD you are able to process different materials such as steel, aluminum or even sandwich materials.

With the welding heads on robots, you can reach the right position on any surface, regardless of the shape or the geometry of the surfaces. Our components are modular, so you can use them individually depending on the task.

Our welding heads and the associated stud holders from our own production allow the processing of almost all common welding studs of the automotive industry, no matter which basic material of the stud is required.


Our commitment

Highest quality requirements and technical standards are only two key points of the automobile manufacturers when it comes to the prerequisites for a successful partnership.

IVOSTUD fulfills these and many other requirements and has firmly established itself as a reliable partner with manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide since many years.

Key facts


Up to 60 welds per minute


Reduction of pressure air up to 68%


50% faster conveying of studs


Up to 80,000 welds per chuck

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