4. May 2022

Business Hero Award – 2022

“Fast, flexible and outstanding know-how. IVOSTUD inspires with visionary corporate management and thus manifests itself as a role model for the industrial landscape in Germany.”


IVOSTUD is one of the winners of this year’s Business Hero Award.

The Business Hero Award is awarded by an experienced jury of experts from the Business Hero Initiative after companies have successfully qualified in selected categories.

In the Customer Satisfaction category, we were able to prove that our vision of the future of industry is not only continuing to take shape, but is already having a lasting effect. In our view, the future must be all about breaking new ground in order to bring about positive change in the global industrial landscape. First and foremost, our customers must be able to obtain everything from a single source.

We will implement this with our One-Stop-Shop concept – customers can select their desired items from our inventory products and obtain them directly from us in the required quantities. The advantage here is quite clear: placing orders can be done independently of working hours and is thus far more individual than would normally be possible, enabling needs-based, rapid purchasing and receipt of our IVOSTUD products.



As one of the winners of the Business Hero Award 2022

IVOSTUD will attend the associated gala evening of the award on 15.06.2022. We thank the Business Hero Initiative for the award and look forward to further developing our vision of a successful company in the future.