We live stud Welding!

This sentence describes how we see ourselves - as leading supplier of stud welding technology, systems and products for the automotive industry.
Get to know us better - what we do, what drives us, where we come from and what we build on.

IVOSTUD, formerly known as Nelson Automotive, offers an innovative line of automated stud welding systems to meet the transportation industry’s most demanding of stud welding performance requirements.  These offerings are made possible through its global distribution centers and a specialist manufacturing base in Germany.

IVOSTUD also offers custom designed systems for a variety of transportation applications including fixed mounted manual and automatic feed systems, as well as robotic weld heads for high production environments.

To best serve our customers, we are passionate about:

Customer focus

Being close to our customers, listening to their demands and supplying them with quality products, excellent local service and technical support.

Stud welding expertise

Leading edge innovative solutions, application know-how, world class operations and continuous development.

Global footprint

Offering a complete product portfolio close to our customers.


Supplying premium products, anywhere, every time, on time.

Social responsibility

Investing in our people, providing a safe and attractive workplace and protecting the environment.

Our history started in 1939 with the U.S. Navy. Ted Nelson invented the stud welding process during shipbuilding in California to significantly speed up the production pace of shipbuilding. At that time, many aircraft carriers were being built and a lot of wooden decks had to be affixed on the steel hull. His revolutionary invention by welding from one side without drilling a hole into the metal earned him a Navy “E” citation for saving millions of man-hours.

Ever since that time, stud welding has developed much further and found its way into building construction, structural elements like bridges and industrial steel applications and lastly, into car manufacturing. Stud welding technology was introduced to Europe in 1954, where Nelson Bolzenschweiß-Technik GmbH was formed in 1967 in Germany.

In 1967, the US-American company TRW acquired the Nelson Stud Welding group and sold it to FastenTech, Inc in 2000.  Seven years later, FastenTech, Inc. itself was acquired by Doncasters Group, Ltd.  In April 2018, Doncasters sold the industrial section of Nelson Fasteners to Stanley Black & Decker, while retaining the Automotive Stud Welding business, which, after starting out as Nelson Automotive, now brands as IVOSTUD to demonstrate the focus on the Automotive industry and emphasize its versatile and innovative stud welding technology.

We invest in research and development, in the areas of stud welding technology, material science, mechanical construction, electronics and software to ensure the most advanced and up-to-date products and solutions, while constantly bringing new inventions to the market.

Whatever we do, we always strive for excellent products, solutions and services. We believe that this can only be achieved by pursuing excellence in all processes including the smallest procedural steps. We train our employees and make sure that competence results in excellence.

We strongly believe that accountability arises where ownership and entrepreneurial spirit is the prevalent atmosphere in our business. We aspire to be a company carried by our employees as if they were all owners.

We give our employees the power to make decisions, to drive for continuous improvement in a bottom-up fashion. We believe that the smartest decisions for changes are taken by the ones who perform the affected tasks every day.

While we believe that respect is a fundamental core value by itself and should be in the DNA of every company, we make this an explicit value to ensure that we never sacrifice respect to co-workers or any other person to achieve results or adhere to another value.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” – this famous quote from Aristotle describes best that we achieve more together as a team than we could achieve as individuals.