We offer a wide range of services to ensure the availability and reliability of your stud welding equipment throughout the product lifecycle.

From the welding-technical advice and experiment in our in-house welding laboratory to the commissioning and plant optimization, as well as maintenance and repair you are in good hands with us.


Our application engineers will assist you to find the solution for critical welding tasks, such as on new material combinations (boron steel, organic coated surfaces or aluminum alloys).

Furthermore, we offer application technology support in the development of new stud geometries.

Application Methods

AC Welding

Stainless steel and aluminum welding by pulses and polarity change.

Inert Gas Welding

with forming to reduce the tarnish on the opposite side of the weld.

Tarc Welding

Welding of non-rotation symmetrical components, such as brackets. Our application engineers will check the weldability of any desired geometry.

Weld Objects

Our stud welding components are integrated into the system layout in an optimal way through realistic test procedures according to your specifications.

Fastener Solutions

Our engineers will support the development of new fastening solutions and will jointly find matching solutions around the topic of fastening challenges using weld studs.

Application Engineering

Already in the project phase, we offer the advice of our application technicians, so that the ideal system configuration is determined based on the technical requirements.

Welding Laboratory

Our welding engineers carry out welding tests in accordance with the applicable standards and the requirements of the automotive industry. The possibilities and limits of the welding processes for new material connections are determined, or existing welding processes and the parameters are optimized. Whether welding tests with new materials, e.g. boron or composite sheets or the optimization of individual components; we offer professional welding engineering advice for any question in the field of stud welding.

Welding Trials

Welding trials determine the application-dependent, optimal welding parameters and device settings.

Material Testing

Our application engineers will support you in determining the weldability of new material combinations.

Procedure Qualification

Our application engineers check the welding quality by welding procedure tests according to the valid standard DIN EN 14555 for stud welding.

Our service team combines expertise and enthusiasm in technology.

We are always there for you to ensure the availability of your stud welding systems.


Our service technicians check the connections of the components as well as the functions of the system. When performing an interface test, communication with the robot or an alternative controller is ensured. We carry out the input of the parameters and welding programs and first proof weldments.


Our trained staff will assist you in setting up the system technology or, if requested, will take over the complete installation of the stud welding system, including the laying of the hose package.


As soon as enough components are available, we are at your disposal for the optimization of your welding system. Whether it is the distance of the bolt to the workpiece, the optimization of the welding parameters, the shortening of the feeding times or the optimization of the hose package installation. Our experienced service technicians ensure optimum welding quality.


To ensure the availability of your IVOSTUD system technology, we offer maintenance intervals for preventive maintenance, which we will coordinate with you depending on the period of use and use of the equipment. We will exchange the wear parts and calibrate the technical equipment.


Once a problem would occur, we can offer support from our local service technicians or offsite repair. Our repair center in the field of equipment manufacturing offers fast and professional repair with original IVOSTUD spare parts.

Send your repair request directly to our team:

AVISTUD Training Center – From Practitioners to Practitioners

In our modern training center, designed according to the requirements of the automotive industry, we offer the right training for every target group. Our training staff has many years of practical experience and will provide this knowledge in customized training according to customer requirements.

We offer the following concepts:

  • Operator training for plant operators, maintenance personnel
  • Basic training for maintenance personnel, workshop personnel
  • Expert training depending on the target group (mechanics, electrics)
  • g. Plant operators, maintenance staff and workshop personnel
  • Custom-tailored training

For further questions contact our instructor:

Basics Training

Target group: Maintenance staff, workshop personnel
Max. 6 participants per group

  • The participants will get an overview of the stud welding system N4s.
  • The basic course shows simple functions, installations and configurations of the system.
  • The participants will receive basic knowledge about the welding processes as well as first fault diagnoses.
  • The participants need first electrical and technical experience and interest in stud welding.
  • First theoretical and practical basic knowledge is required.

Operator Training

Target group: Plant operators
Max. 6 participants per group

  • The participants will get an overview of the stud welding system N4s.
  • The participants will get knowledge about the individual system components and how they interact.
  • The operator training shows simple fault diagnostics, system settings and the replacement of individual components. Everything they need to know for a successful welding process.
  • The participants need basic knowledge about stud welding.

Expert Training

Target group: Maintenance staff, electricians, workshop personnel
Max. 6 participants per group

  • The Participants gain in-depth knowledge of the stud welding system N4s.
  • Profound theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted.
  • Participants will gain expert knowledge of welding procedures and diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities.
  • The prerequisite is a completed basic training in our training center.

Customized Training

We will happily provide you with tailored training according to your requirements and groups of participants.
Please contact us